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Few children will fail to feel delighted when they come across attractive and sleek toys. If the toy bears a close semblance to something that the parents use, this could enhance the appeal of the toy considerably. This is why remote control cars for kids are so popular throughout Australia. Kids often watch their parents drive around in their life-size vehicles. As such, they will feel thrilled if they come across a car that they can control in a similar manner. Remote control cars are not merely fun. They can provide invaluable assistance in developing various skills in your child too. They are usually ideal for kids from seven to 12 years of age. However, some cars might be appropriate for toddlers as well.


What Are Some of the Top Selling Remote Control Cars for Kids in Australia?

Some of the best-selling remote control cars aimed at kids include:

  • The Land Rover Evoque Styled Ride-On Car: This 12V ride-on car comes in white and metallic red colours. It is appropriate for kids aged six months to three years.
  • The Mercedes Roadster SX-128: This 12V licensed AMG ride-on car is quite popular for its sleek design and features. It comes with parental remote control too.
  • The Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG: This fully licensed ride-on car comes with parental remote control. It is black in colour. However, this doesn’t detract from its attractive and sleek look.
  • The Mercedes SLR 722S: This 12V car is sure to catch the eye of all the kids in the neighbourhood. It is also black in colour.


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