Licenced Toyota Tundra With Hilux sticker pack

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Currently out of stock pre-order available for 14/11/2017

This ride on electric Toyota Tundras are perfect for children aged 3 to 7, or for junior drivers. The Toyota Tundra is powered by dual 12v 45 watt motors with large 10Ah battery for plenty of power and up to 1.5 hours of drive time.

With safety in mind this model is fitted with the parental remote control system, which is great for when your little driver just wants to be driven around. When they are ready to retake control switch the car to manual function and away they can go.

This Electric Ride in Toyota SUV features opening doors for easy access to the driver’s seat, opening bonnet and rear tailgate for storage, plus an adjustable seat belt for extra safety.

Our Toyota Tundras are fully optioned with extras which include an illuminated dashboard, headlights, fog lights, tail lights, rubber compound tires, FM Radio, USB Port, SD Port and Auxiliary input for playing your favorite MP3s, as well as pre-programmed songs for cruising around town.

The Licenced Toyota Tundra is a superb looking, well made ride-on with easy assembly and top quality finish – making it a great gift for any occasion.

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Product Description


currently out of stock available for pre order 14-11-2017 

The Licenced Toyota tundra is a superb looking, well made ride-on with easy assembly and top quality finish.



Black Pre Order available 14-11-2017, Blue Pre Order Available 14-11-2017