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Hundreds of parents across Australia agree that their kids have greater levels of awareness than they did at a similar age. It is not surprising to see kids handling smartphones and video games with greater assurance than their parents. Given this backdrop, many parents find it hard to get their kid outdoors. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to various health issues as children grow up. Therefore, parents will need to find ways to entice their children into spending more time outdoors. Purchasing kid’s battery powered cars and quads could be a useful way to accomplish this.


What Aspects Should You Be Mindful of When Shopping for Kids’ Battery Powered Cars and Quads?

When it comes to toy vehicles that make your kids feel as if they are in charge, battery powered quads could be a good purchase. Kids love ride on cars and bikes that make them feel like grownups. To purchase the right quad for your kid, consider the following parameters:

  • The Age: Electric quads suits kids of all ages. Some are ideal for kids over three years of age. Others are ideal for children between the ages of five and eight years. Many quads feature adjustable seats to accommodate the child’s growth. This means that your child can use these toys for much longer.
  • The Weight: Manufacturers always specify the maximum weight recommendation on the quad. Ensure that you consider this to determine whether the quad is suitable for your kid.
  • The Features: Quads for kids range from 6V to 36V. These battery-powered quads typically ape adult quad models. However, some features that you might want your quad to have include, among other things, parental remote controls, MP3 speakers and real lights.


Are You Looking for the Latest Remote Control Cars for Your Kids?

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