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12 Volt Jeep With Parent Remote Control

Every parent wants to give their son or daughter the best present in the world. Well, you’d be hard-pressed to find better gift ideas than remote control cars for kids ages 1-3.

Ride-on cars are big enough to feel just like the real thing. And, with remote controlled models, children can be behind the wheel while their parents do the actual driving.


Types of Remote Control Cars For Kids

They may look alike, but not all remote control ride-on cars are made equal. Some are designed specifically for toddlers, others are only suited for indoor use, and many more were deemed unsafe for young children.

Are you looking for the perfect RC ride-on vehicle for your little one? If you refuse to sacrifice safety but don’t want to overpay for features you don’t need, this guide will help you make the perfect choice. Here are the most important aspects to consider when choosing an RC car:


Remote Type

The idea behind remote control cars for kids under four is simple – kids feel like they’re driving through an adult is actually in control. However, some remotes don’t provide full control and some ride-ons have buttons that can override an RC. Make sure you choose one with the right remote type.

  • Full
    Provides uninterrupted control, which includes steering and speed; (Vehicle will not move if the remote isn’t utilized.)
  • Safety
    Allows you to set a maximum speed setting and usually comes with an ‘emergency brake’ button;
  • Shared
    Works just like a Full Remote while switched on. When switched off, the electric car is controlled from inside;
  • Railed
    (Only applies to railed ride-on vehicle types, such as trains and cars that follow a pre-set track/course.) Starts and stops the vehicle, in addition to controlling its speed.


Safety Features

Over the past decade, remote control cars for kids have become a huge hit. So, not unlike any other popular electronics, the time-tested RC ride-on models have been (badly) replicated. Aside from all the fakes, there are dozens of cheap but unsafe electric cars up for sale. Fortunately, you can make sure that you’re not putting your child in harm’s way in 3 easy steps.

  1. Check The Warranty
    Every worthwhile electric ride-on car will come with a manufacturer warranty. The best brands offer a 12-24 month replacement guarantee and all licensed retailers will honor it. So make sure to ask about the warranty, and steer clear of stores that don’t provide one.
  2. Conduct a Balance Test
    A high-quality RC vehicle for kids won’t tip over on its own. The wheels should be far apart so the center of gravity is centered below the driver’s seat. To test out the integrity of a particular model, have your son/daughter stand on the seat and lean slowly in every direction. If all four wheels remain on the ground throughout the process, the car is safe.
  3. Inspect the ‘Seat Belt’


Vehicle Type

Though cars are more common than the rest, there are other variations of remote control rides for kids. Of course, kids under the age of six aren’t ready for electric bikes. But trains, quads, trucks and dune buggies are all viable alternatives to the classic car-style vehicles.

Trains are the safest option – they follow pre-set tracks, which you can easily assemble in the backyard, garage, or even inside your home. That being said, even toddlers tend to get tired of railed ride-ons.

Off-road vehicles (quads, dune buggies, etc.) and trucks work just like regular electric cars. The difference is their attractive design and optional add-ons, which include FM radios, fake ACs, functional headlights and the like.


Consider Going With The Best

By following all the advice outlined above, you can be confident that you choose an electric RC car that won’t break down or put your children at risk. But, if you want the very best for your kid, you’ll need to go with Toyrannosaurus. You can visit us in Sydney for some test rides, or get in touch with us online – we’ll make sure you find a reliable, safe ride-on car that’s perfect for your budget and for your kid.

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