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Every child likes receiving the latest toys on their birthdays. As a result, many parents don’t think twice about purchasing these toys. However, this might not always be wise. Toy manufacturing companies often release new models and varieties of toys on a regular basis. If the reception is good, the manufacturers might consider upgrading the product within some months. If not, you could find yourself saddled with an obsolete toy that is not worth the amount you spent on it. This is why it’s best to invest in tried and tested products such as kid’s battery powered cars.


Are Kid’s Battery Powered Cars Safe for Kids to Ride On?

Electric ride-on cars for kids come in all shapes and sizes. However, some parents do not feel comfortable with gifting these cars to their kids. It’s not just about the price. They are usually unaware of the speeds of these cars. As such, they doubt the safety of their kids when riding on these cars.

The speed of electric and remote control cars for kids depends on the size of the battery. It depends on the size of the motor too. Electric cars for the smallest kids will usually feature tiny batteries of up to 6V and low-powered motors. These cars can travel at speeds of two to three miles per hour (mph). Cars with 12V batteries can reach speeds of four mph, while cars with 24V batteries can touch speeds of six mph. It is worth mentioning that the speed of an adult taking a brisk walk is about four mph. As such, you can rest assured that your child will not find these cars to be too fast for their liking (or their safety).


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