remote control cars for kids

Imitating adults comes naturally to many children. Thus, it is hardly surprising that many kids want to have a car of their own. Electric ride on cars could give your child something that comes close to replicating the experience of driving a real car. These cars come equipped with a lot of safety features. So, your child will remain perfectly safe while driving it. But, these toys are not merely playthings. They help children acquire a lot of skills, even while the kids are having fun. This is what makes them such compelling purchases.


What Kinds of Electric Ride On Cars Do Kids Typically Play With?

For the uninitiated, ride-on toys typically include sit-on riders and electric vehicles. It is worth mentioning that the battery voltage of the ride-on car is one of the most important factors for purchasing these cars. The battery voltage indicates the power of the car. So, the higher the voltage, the faster the car will be.

  • The 6V ride-on car is ideal for kids aged two to four years. They operate on tarmac surfaces. They can touch speeds of three Miles per Hour (mph).
  • The 12V car suits kids between three to six years. Kids can use them on grassy, tarmac or gravel surfaces. They can touch speeds of five mph.
  • The 24V car is ideal for kids between six to nine years. They have a maximum speed of six mph. Kids could use this car to drive up hills too.
  • The 36V car is ideal for kids aged seven to 10 years. These cars can reach speeds of up to 15 mph.
  • The 48V car suits kids aged 10 years and above. It can touch speeds of up to 18 mph.


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