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Buying toys and other games for children is a routine activity for many parents. Kids are a marketing professional’s delight. They are easy to grab the attention of. And, if you can keep them occupied enough, they will remain loyal to a brand. This is especially so in the domain of toys. Ride on cars for kids are increasingly gaining favour with kids of all ages. These cars enable kids to feel in control and to manage their own vehicles just as their parents do. Kids usually clamour for the latest toys and cars. But, parents will need to exercise some prudence rather than giving in to the demands of their children. If they purchase ride on cars that are not suitable for the age of their child, the toy could soon lose its charm.

What Kinds of Ride On Cars and Toys Are Appropriate for Kids of All Ages?

It might be easy to succumb to temptation and purchase ride-on toys that you feel your children will enjoy. But, it’s best to purchase these toys based on the age of the child. Children of higher ages tend to have better balance and coordination skills. Hence, some toys will be more appropriate for them than for smaller children. For kids:

  • Aged one to two years, opt for rocking toys and foot-powered toys
  • Aged two to three years, buy pedal toys like tricycles
  • Aged three years and above, select battery-powered vehicles such as miniature cars, planes and trucks (based on speed) and,
  • Aged five years and above, opt for ride-on cars, bikes and scooters


Are You Looking for the Latest Kid’s Battery Powered Cars?

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