remote control cars for kidsLicenced Ford Ranger – 12 Volt


Remote control cars for kids have always been their most treasured possession. Contrary to ordinary toys, these ride-on miniature vehicles are equally enjoyed by all kids regardless of their age and gender. Apart from fun, electric cars for kids have a lot of other amazing benefits as well. Let’s have a look:

  1. Play Together, Stay Together: In these times of online entertainment, family members are losing touch with each other. In such busy times, remote control cars for kids are a wonderful solution for families who are looking to spend some quality time together. Whether your kids indulge in some outdoor bike riding, or they’re learning the skill inside their homes, every member of the family can take part in the fun. At Toyrannosaurus, you can find a huge variety of remote control cars for kids that vary in power and speed. You can easily pick the one suitable for your child.
  1. Care and Responsibility: While ride-on electric cars for kids are highly durable, children care for them just like a real car. Caring and maintaining a ride-on vehicle instil some great habits like responsibility and accountability in children at a very young age. They gradually learn the importance of being responsible and also implement these habits in other areas of their lives as well.
  1. Boost Motor Skills: Motor skill development starts at a very tender age. This simply means that even a 2 year old child can learn handling a ride-on vehicle. Within a year or two, most children not only start recognizing the parts of the car, but research shows that they also become sharper and smarter than their peers who haven’t used a ride-on vehicle ever.
  1. Develop Hand-Eye Coordination: Handling a ride-on vehicle is not just fun and exciting – it also helps in developing some excellent hand-eye coordination in children. With time, they develop a faster reaction speed, which is a great skill to have in any sport.
  1. Enhances Spatial Intelligence: Spatial intelligence refers to the person’s ability to understand the space around them and the objects contained within. Ride-on electric cars for kids do a wonderful job of teaching different aspects of spatial intelligence to the child in a fun way. Children learn how to recognize obstacles from a distance and the ways to overcome them.


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