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Owing to the popularity of electric ride on cars in Australia, we get to hear a lot about them these days. However, in many cases, it’s about how some parents have to replace them so frequently. It’s high time that you should teach your kids about how to take proper care of their electric ride on cars.

You should also do everything in your power to properly maintain these cutting-edge miniature vehicles. It’s not that you have to understand their complex mechanical and electrical parts. Caring for these ride-on electric cars is not hard at all. It’s quite straightforward and requires just a little knowledge and effort.


How to Assemble Electric Ride on Cars?

Electric ride-on cars usually come in compact boxes. It’s actually a lot of fun to play the role of a handyman and assemble these vehicles while you child is watching you with awe and pride.

However, make sure you read the instructions carefully before you start putting various components together. Follow instructions in the manual to the T for a flawless assembly and added safety and security.

  1. Charging: An important step is to fully charge the car battery especially before using it for the first time. Avoid overcharging and undercharging if you want to improve the lifespan of car batteries. The size of battery and motor determines the speed of the car. Smaller cars are fitted with low powered motors and smaller batteries. Small cars are capable of moving at a speed of just 2mph. While electric cars are available from 6 V to 48V options, 12 volt ride on cars are the most popular among parents.
  1. Storage: When not in use, store electric ride cars in ideal storage conditions i.e. away from extreme heat, cold and moisture. Presence of moisture can cause defects in the electric parts of the car and if you store it in excess sun or heat, it could disfigure or warp the body.
  1. Physical Damage: This is probably the most important thing that you should look out for if your child has an electric ride on car. In most cases, physical damage and non-manufacturing defects are not covered in the warranty. Electric ride on cars available at trusted specialists like Toyrannosaurus are great fun and highly durable but they are not indestructible. Do your best to protect them from any kind of physical damage.

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