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More than any other game, kids like to ‘play grown-ups.’ From an early age, children emulate everything their parents do, spending most of their time pretending to be adults. But imagination can only take you so far, which is exactly why electric toy cars for kids have always been such a favorite among boys and girls of all ages.


Are Ride-On Cars Safe?

While children love driving around in their very own ride-on cars, parents can appreciate how safe they are – no grease, no fire hazard, and a wide range of speed/power options to choose from. There are remote controlled units for toddlers, powerful 64V cars for pre-teens and countless other models for every age in between.

But the best part is that, if your kids’ battery powered cars start to get boring, you get to modify them together. Working on one is a memorable bonding experience (not to mention that it’s a whole lot of fun.) You can add battery life, power and size to transform old electric toy cars for kids into impressive go-karts fit for a teenager. Or simply design your own exterior and bring it to life together.


Cool Ideas For Modifying Your Kids’ Battery Powered Cars

* Kids will be kids. So first off, we’d like to remind you that customizing an electric toy car requires caution and must only be done under adult supervision. Also, keep in mind that most modifications will void the warranty.

#1 – Exterior Customization

The easiest, fastest and safest way to customize ride-on cars is simply changing the way it looks. The extent of cosmetic changes you can make is only limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get a fresh paintjob. Make sure to use specialized paint, such as Krylon. It’s waterproof, resilient and, most importantly, it bonds well with all types of plastics.
  • Add stickers. There are dozens of different sticker kits out there for all types of ride on cars. Alternatively, you can order blank stickers and draw your own exterior.
  • Make your own DIY chassis, spoilers, etc. Any piece of scrap aluminum or plastic can be shaped into spare parts with a bit of effort. Just make sure to sand down all outer surfaces and always use bolts to attach DIY parts (glues and staples won’t last.)

#2 – Performance Tune-Ups

Like any other type of vehicle, kids’ battery powered cars have certain limitations. Depending on its battery, a ride-on may need to be recharged after 30 minutes or after 2 hours of use. And maximum speeds range from around 5 to 25 km/h (3-15mph.)

Luckily, a wide array of parts is readily available. So you can make a true off-road speedster out of any electric toy car, as long as it’s large enough to house the chosen battery and motors.

#3 – Add-Ons & Accessories

When you buy a toy electric car, you’re basically getting the ‘stock’ version. It has everything you need and nothing more. You can make the ride stand out with a number of add-ons and accessories, such as:

  • FM Radio and speakers;
  • Long-range parental remote control;
  • Wider/larger wheels for urban terrain;
  • Realistic steering wheel;
  • Functioning HID headlights;


Even making a few small changes can be a fun family project. Kids are bound to be proud to drive around in their own modified ride-on cars. Meanwhile, their parents will be proud of all the hard work they did and everything they’ve learned along the way. Of course, when it comes to custom electric toy vehicles, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s why, here at Toyrannosaurus, we specialize in ride-ons. Our pricing is unmatched and you won’t find a better selection of certified products anywhere. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us for a free consultation – we’ll explain the ins and outs of choosing the right cars, parts or accessories for your specific needs.


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